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Mangement TrainingAll management trainings are conducted by persons who were in senior management positions in multi-million dollar companies. Trust the best from the industry who will teach you the practical stuff that works in the industry and not the theory that looks good in textbooks.

What is management training?

Our management training consists of a series of management training modules that will train mangers-to-be and also existing leaders to better manage and lead the company.

Components of our management training consists of the following:

  • Authentic leadership
  • Change Management
  • Multi-cultural working environment
  • Conducting performance appraisals
  • Behavioural based structured interviewing skills
  • Performance management
  • Leading successful meetings
  • Delegation
  • Personal & time effectiveness
  • Presentation skills
  • Innovation and problem solving
  • Creativity

Our management training programmes are designed to be modular because we understand that time is precious in every organisation.  Thus, the programmes are designed to be independent and individual components can be taken with no dependency on other management training modules.

Each component lasts between 1 and 2 days and will be conducted in-house so the context is relevant and any strategies shared will stay within the company to give you the leading advantage over your industry competitors.

Why do I need management training in Singapore?

Management styles through the 70s to 90s have not changed much, however, moving into the information boom era from 2000, there is a rapid shift in employee loyalty shifting from the company towards the management leaders.  That is to say, employees stay because of the people in the organisation and their co-workers, not so much because of the organisation itself.  Having proper management training will help you guide the management team to engage your employees and have a common standard yardstick to measure everybody's performance ensuring you maintain the competitive edge and retain talents.

Management training has never been more important, with the influx of free information on the internet, everyone is learning bits and pieces everywhere, there's nothing more dangerous to have your leaders try out theoretical misinformation or guided lessons by theory experts that have no real-world leading experience.  Our trainers don't just have the theory to teach, they back it up with real world personal experience so your management team don't have to risk with experiments on your staff, they will get all the stuff that has worked.

Management training with us is secure and authentic. 


How effective is yours? We'll show you results. 
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" ...I began to believe in myself in a more authentic way. This new-found surge in confidence yielded several career highlights for me... "

- Lee Jin-Hwui
HR Manager