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Training Leadership to think?

Now who would have thought that leaders do not think?  Of course they do, but real good leaders think out of the box, is able to see potential issues before they arise and has the courage to lead his team into and out sticky situations unscathed. 

Leadership PyramidIn the past, many have defined leadership as having several components such as the ability to encourage others to take on more out of their comfort zone and then empowering them.  They are also the key drivers of the company's values and strive towards fulfilling the company's vision.

This might have been a sound basis of selecting leadership in the past where things were pretty stable and changes didn't come fast and furious.  In the globalise economy now, a change in leadership in another part of the globe would affect businesses halfway round the world.

Are your leaders thinking fast and innovative enough?

With ubiquitous internet access, anyone can now have access to the latest leadership training and developments around the world, anyone can upgrade themselves quickly with all the information available on the net.  It is now easier than ever to book a trainer to conduct training or speeches from anywhere in the world and have him flown in to impart knowledge or skills in a matter of days.  Thinking skills have evolved, but the basis that all leaders are expected to think creatively has never changed.  Followers have always looked to their leaders for answers.  Do your leaders always have answers for your organisation? If they don't you might want to take this quick leadership test to see if they fall into any of the 5 categories.

Let's face it, although it might sound demanding and unrealistic, we always want (to some extend, demand) that our managers, directors and bosses have answers for us while we will just execute his directions. If this sound all too familiar your organisation might not be brooding the right cultural mindset.  The best organisation is one that everyone participates in problem solving and is collectively a thinking organisation.


The key to service innovation is kept by someone unseeming in your company

We'll find this key and unlock your company's potential


We will help you unlock your company's potential by thinking together. 
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