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Why choose us?

Simple, our trainers have been in the top leadership positions managing multi-million dollar companies and have trained other large corporations and MNCs, they can share with you real life experience on what it takes to be in the hot seat!  Do not just choose any trainer, choose one that has been there and done that!

If you are not sure which programme you should be looking at, fret not! Just drop us a line at the bottom and we'll will fix something up for you really quickly!

Leadership Development for Leaders

Centre of Leadership TrainingOur 2 days in-house "Leadership Development for Leaders" programme puts your leaders at the centre of the organisation as key drivers and motivator of your work force.  It is structured to maximise knowledge transfer through engaging lectures and hands-on activities.  Comprehensive course handouts are included for participants to remember key concepts of workshop.

Benefits of programme

Professionals, Leaders and leaders-to-be will learn how to:

  • Communicate with clarity and firmness
  • Gain respect and trust from employees/team
  • Improve workplace engagement and cooperation
  • Build relationships to promote a positive work climate
  • Help your organisation and team build positivity and optimism
  • Your organisation would simply love to work with their leaders as their role model!

Who should attend

  • Managers and directors
  • Leaders and supervisors of teams and departments
  • Anyone who will be taking on a leadership position next

 Enterprise InnovationInnovation for Leaders

Our 2 days in-house "Innovation for Leaders" programme is structured to implement service innovation and process innovation with focus on problem solving through interesting lectures and group activities. 

Benefits of programme

Professionals, Leaders and leaders-to-be will learn how to:

  • Stop pushing the buck around
  • Develop new service and process innovation ideas
  • Lead his team to generate ideas freely without feeling embarrassed
  • Pushing the solution for buy-in by upper management or stakeholders
  • Make things happen!

Your leaders will be the role model that resolves issues together as a team.

Thinking Skills for Leaders

Creativity Leadership Training SingaporeThis 1-day training workshop is based around proven thinking methodologies involving applied thinking processes.  A leader's greatest asset is the ability to think creatively, we don't just help you think out of the box, we remove it for you.

Benefits of programme

Professionals, Leaders and leaders-to-be will learn how to:

  • Formulate an thinking map systematically
  • Generate ideas quickly in an orderly fashion
  • Gain respect from others by thinking different
  • Impress clients with overflowing creativity

Change Management for Leaders

Change Management Leadership TrainingYes we all know change is the only constant, however, how well your organisation survive a game change is determined by how well your leaders manage this change and bring about its full potential after change is implemented.

Benefits of programme

Professionals, Leaders and leaders-to-be will learn how to:

  • Implement change positively and smoothly
  • Handle objections due to change
  • Treat emotions from staff with care and concern
  • Transit from change to success with ease effortlessly

Other Training Programmes

We have too many programmes to list out in this small space of ours, we don't want to bore everyone with all our offerings as well. If you're looking for a specific soft skill set like presentation skills, communication and EQ workshops, drop us an email and we will gladly fill in the gaps for you.

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" ...I began to believe in myself in a more authentic way. This new-found surge in confidence yielded several career highlights for me... "

- Lee Jin-Hwui
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